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Nov 29, 2018 ... A record based blog extension for TYPO3 CMS powered by Extbase / Fluid. Flexible and powerful!

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How can traders spot exhaustion risk in the heat of the moment? That’s what Rob Smith shares in this edition of the Halftime Show: In this video, Rob explains: What the action in SPY is cogent you Why buyers need to step up now What you can learn by watching the 60-minute chart What to […]


Professional Hairstylist Must-Have Tools. August 19, 2019. Listen up, our T3 Pros are spilling their secrets for… Read More > · Transition to Fall Hair T3 ...

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Maybe you have no interest in joining Mark Melnick’s Newsbeat Live Open House, which runs from September 16-20. We think we can change your mind. Here’s 5 reasons to join. 5) You Get Mark Melnick’s Newsbeat Game Plan Every Morning Every morning, Mark releases his Newsbeat game plan, including specific long/short trade ideas and Mark’s […]

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Welcome to the style feed, where technology and beauty meet to create the most beautiful looks. T3 has revolutionized the world of hair styling with an ...

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Maybe you have no interest in joining Mark Melnick's Newsbeat Live Open House, which runs from September 16-20. We think we can change your mind.

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What are the psychological elements behind trading success? And what drives failure? That’s the topic of the latest Newsbeat Show: In this video, Mark shares: An important lesson taken from Winston Churchill How traders set themselves back with their first failure Why failure is actually a key role in becoming acknowledged Why being adaptable is […]

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This week’s Newsbeat Open House has easily been the most acknowledged one of all time. (sign-up info is at the bottom of this post) Everybody’s happy, including Mark: The room’s been flooded with messages like this: And in this appropriate video, Mark explains:: Why Mark used to be a abhorrent broadcaster — and how he […]


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Why should you be watching Roku (ROKU) today? Because the Principle of Squares says so: Jeff explains: Why it was such a great short yesterday How the setup played out The prior sell setups that collection Roku off the highs Why the cycles point to big movement on the way Whether the selloff in names […]

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